Sunday, 11 May 2014

What is The Presenting Saga?

Since the Goodreads giveaway for a signed copy of Presenting begins at midnight tonight, I thought I'd write an extended synopsis of the series for those who want to know more about the story, and make their way to this blog.

This is a story about seventeen year old Kaylee Ward, who discovers that not only do Immortals with magical powers exist, but she may be about to become one of them.  In this discovery she meets the Immortal family the Gregorys, and their cousin, Will Bennett.  The Gregorys are kind and welcoming.  They explain to Kaylee that, if she presents powers, they will invite her to join their family.  Although this idea shocks Kaylee, her mortal aunt explains to her that it is likely she was meant to be a Gregory all along.  Sceptical, but curious, Kaylee agrees to spend her days at Miller's Landing, waiting for her anticipated powers to come.  Her curiosity; however, isn't limited to the world of Immortals.  She is especially drawn to the somewhat cool and aloof Will.  Since he has taken charge of protecting her through the waiting period, Kaylee hopes this will give her a chance to break through the wall he's built around himself, and make a deeper connection with him.  It's an uphill battle, especially in light of  the clash between Kaylee's insistence that she's not weak, and Will's determination to protect her.  Their opposing views only begin to meet when news arrives that the dangerous Immortal, Henri Descharmes, is searching for the Gregorys.  Since it is an unproven belief throughout the Imm world that Descharmes compelled the last presenter to join his family, and obey him unconditionally, Kaylee, Will, and the Gregorys unite to stand against this threat.

The Presenting Saga is Kaylee's journey.  Through the challenges she faces, and the mysteries she uncovers, she learns about herself, and defines herself within all her relationships; love, family, friendship, authority, and enemies.