Monday, 4 February 2013

Book 2 and Cover Update

Over the last couple of weeks, my polish of book 2 has slowed down a bit while I was seeing to the publishing of Presenting.  I'm back on track now, and it's coming along well.  In fact, I think fans of Will are going to like the scene I added last night.  It's funny because I find that most of the time, while I'm polishing, I end up taking stuff out.  This last chapter that I was working on just needed something extra though, and I think what I've added is what the character Will needed.

I'm also hoping to have a new cover for Presenting soon.  While I like the first one, and think it represents the story well, I think it could be better.  So I've contacted a cover artist and asked him to make something up for me.  I'm really excited to see what he does.